The Chromatic Typewriter

Apologies for the appalling lack of posts — things have been hectic! But when I came across THIS item on Flavorwire, I just had to share it…

‘Washington-based artist Tyree Callahan has created a rather fascinating objet d’art the likes of which we’ve never seen — a 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter that is modified to paint with oils. Callahan replaced the ink pads with colored paint pads and the letter keys with color markers to build the painting machine, dubbed the Chromatic Typewriter. ‘

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Post-PhD Pursuits

Was speaking to the lovely Lilo the other day and telling them how I had a journal stashed somewhere in which I was starting to write ideas for things I wanted to work on post-PhD, and a box of articles to read that I had been holding for then too. Today I came across a document labelled ‘Post-PhD Pursuits’ and decided to have a looksy at what PhD-me imagined post-PhD-me would be up to. Here’s a selection:

* Learn to drive * Finally learn to use the poi sitting on the bookshelf, and possibly to breathe fire * Bake more tasty vegan treats * Sort out the vegie patch * Write up a whole pile of journal articles * Sew * Pay the monster all the money I owe them * Organise my superannuation * Work on book proposals * Make a calendar/greeting cards * Busk as a poet.

Hmm. Technically I guess I am not post-PhD until the thing is done and dusted, but still feel I ought to get a wriggle on with it all. Especially when I also remember plans to:

* Make at least one large installation work a year * Apply for funding to make more of same, including getting some sort of portfolio/website going * Get enough cash together to buy a really spicky camera, get some lessons in how to use it, and gad about Europe taking wondrous arty pix (and making amazing performances with fabulous people) * Start some sort of community project about bullying, and maybe one about sexual violence *Blog more, and not just copy/paste updates but reviews, ponderings, critiques and pretty prose.

Making small steps into some of these, true, but still so much to be done!

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Hajara Waraka Miqass

Went to see this today, at Plump Gallery (240 Enmore Rd, Enmore) and spent a lovely hour or so drinking mint tea and chatting with Nicole and some other visitors. Get there between 3 and 4pm if you can:

Nicole Barakat
Live Work Installation

’14th –20th November 2011
Artist talk and closing event Sunday 20 November 3pm–6pm

External viewing/live work daily 9am–6pm
External viewing video works after dark.
Tea with the Artist+view of works in progress inside the gallery daily 3pm–4pm

Artist Nicole Barakat will spend a week in Plump Gallery making works from found paper in response to the seeds/threads that were sown/sewn during her residency in Bethlehem,Palestine in July–August 2010.

Plump Gallery will become a temporal studio space and transformed into a site for an experimental investigation into process and making within the limitations of time and space.
The audience is invited to view Barakat’s process externally through the large street front windows as she produces her collection of Artworks.

Visitors are also invited to join the Artist between 3pm and 4pm daily for a cup of tea and viewing of the works in progress.The show will culminate in a closing event that will include an Artist talk and final viewing of all works produced during the week‐ long live work installation.

Hajara Waraka Miqass refers to the children’s game ‘rock, paper, scissors’ something the artist often played with the children she resided with in Bethlehem. The phrase speaks of materials and processes, of literally making with paper and scissors. It is also refers strongly to Palestine, with the rock as a symbol of the steadfastness of the land and people, the rubble of destroyed homes and villages and stones as essential tools of resistance to the occupation.

Barakat’s works will respond to the details she encountered during her time in Palestine; the finely couched embroideries from Aziza ‐ an 86 year‐old maker, the texture and vibrancy of a flowering fig from a northern village destroyed in 1948 and the living stories shared and witnessed…’

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If you always do what you’ve always done…

You’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Ah, another day of demoralising job hunting. More rejection emails — not even getting to interview. Times are tough, work is scarce, competition is fierce, blah blah blah.

But I feel its more than that somehow, like I am being told something by the universe. It could just be telling me that my resume is shite, that I don’t look that good even on paper, that I need extra training, that there are zillions of applicants better than me. Or it could be telling me to change tactics entirely, to look in other places, to broaden my horizons and take more leaps into the unknown.

I’m mostly applying for admin jobs, because its all I really have any experience in. Or at least, experience that looks like ‘real work.’ 9+ years of studentdom to (soon) get a doctorate in something that is not-very-vocationally-focussed (fictocritical practice-led dissertation about alternative practices of lactation anyone?, with fill in casual jobs (lots of admin, market research, customer service etc) and scholarships to get me through, plus bits of travel, lots of volunteering and a fair whack of non-paid/or usually lowly paid creative stuff, adds up to a whole heap of… umm… I’m not quite sure what?Fun, yes, life experience, yes, a broad skill base, yes, beautiful encounters with beautiful people across the globe, yes, but in terms of paid employment? Hmm.

Maybe I need to concentrate on what I am good at, and trust that it will lead me where I need to be. Maybe I need to work on more installations, write more, mentor more, explore more. Maybe I need to present at more conferences, perform in more venues, hone my creative skills, and really work with what I am good at. Maybe I’m not good at anything after all, and my attempts at finding more imaginative paid pursuits will be as dismal as my attempts at finding office jobs. But it has to be more interesting, surely?



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Black Capital

Carriageworks is home to Black Capital:

Redfern is a place of many stories, of inspirational leaders, fiery rhetoric and activism. It is an urban meeting place for Aboriginal Australians from all over the country.

Sometimes besieged, always resilient, at Redfern’s core is its thriving and dynamic community, home to many of Australia’s political and cultural trailblazers.

Known to locals as the ‘Black Capital of Australia’, Redfern is home to artists, leaders and citizens who vigorously offer Sydneysiders an alternative history and, potentially, our alternative future.

This January Sydney Festival, Carriageworks and the local community proudly welcome all Australians to Black Capital, a series of performances, seminars and exhibitions reflecting the diversity of contemporary Aboriginal practice, here in the heart of Redfern, in Australia’s black capital.’

Check out the details on their website.

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Sequinned Menace Premiere! 10th Dec at the Rattler

And so the silly season continues…

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World AIDS (aka Red Ribbon) Day…

Is coming up! Volunteer now to sell Red Ribbons on either the 1st or 2nd December, at venues around Sydney.

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