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The Strip Club

This is Sex Intents (surely one of the best names in the game), and alongside Glita Supernova (ditto), she brought the queer grrls, trannies (and sometimes even the boy-boys) 10 years of Gurlesque. Now long before Madame Moselle had seriously … Continue reading

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Tie up your Loose Ends

Matt Vaughan once played Big Pig’s Breakaway at Loose Ends, facilitating a particularly enthusiastic dance off between myself and B Bear, and I have loved him ever since… Actually, I loved young Matthew a long time before that instance, but … Continue reading

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Decadent Sleaziness

I am sure some of you are still dilly-dallying about what to do this coming long weekend in Sydney — it’s the same dilemma year after year! After a significant break, I am returning to Sleaze Ball this time around. … Continue reading

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XKCD is one of my favourite blogs. Here is some idea why:

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The Snuggie Sutra

Like the name suggests, the Snuggie Sutra is a blog about shagging in a Snuggie (or two). Enough said really.

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Missy Piggy Mince Machine

Patricia Waller makes these rather delightful soft toys. Reminds me of that piece years ago in the AGNSW for that Anne Landa new media award, where you sat in a small cubby house and: ‘Van Sowerwine’s engaging animated girl invites … Continue reading

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In My Arms

I love the internet, I really do. It allows pretty much anyone with a connection to create a site dedicated to whatever it is that they particularly love, from milky mamas to bearded beauties to the customers of Walmart. The … Continue reading

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