Red Rattler

Now, I can’t believe that I haven’t mentioned the Red Rattler sooner! It is a truly amazing space, and one of the most exciting venues Sydney has had in a long time. It’s also just down the road from my castle in the ‘Ville, which is rather convenient.  Since getting back from Perth last year we’ve been Rat Regulars — my monster works the bar quite often, I can be found on the door or coat check on occassion, and we have both trodden the boards there on numerous occassions as well as frequenly frequenting as punters. Oh, the things we have seen there! The people we have met! The shows we have attended! Gurlesque! Perv Film Fest! Spunk fundraisers and film nights! Queer 80s prom! The Dirty Queer Mag fundraiser! Blue Light Disco party! Birthdays! Readings! The list goes on… And all cheap as chips to attend or put on, due the Rat’s not-for-profit status:

‘In an environment of high rents and property prices, the alternative Sydney arts, performance and grassroots community scenes have been operating on a system of unofficial venues (warehouses) that run without relevant licenses. As such, they have been systematically shut down by police and councils. Five queer women have hocked themselves into major debt to buy a quaint old factory in Marrickville, and with an incredible amount of help and support have created a space to address the need for a permanent community venue, which operates legally and can be “depended on” to stay open.

Run by unpaid artists and activists, The Red Rattler is a creative playground for performers, musicians, artists, designers, multi-media makers, experimentalists, film-makers, theorists, activists, collective organisers, and local punters, fitted with a full PA, stage, LED lighting rig, projector and screen, licensed bar, two non-residential artist studios, and a rooftop garden.  The Red Rattler operates a not-for-profit philosophy, with a tiered fee structure being charged to community users to cover regular outgoings only.’

Currently running Sydney Fringe Festival events, there is also an upcoming Silent Film Festival, the Women of Letters event, Ottomon Love (a night of Turkish delights), and Adventures in Love with Miss Koori Love, amongst other wonders to be encountere in the next few months.

Check out the gig guide, find out about volunteering, get the deal on bookings, have a looksy at the gallery and more here.


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