Hellfire/Mandy Rollins Tribute Night

Mandy Rollins, a lovely friend, fave DJ and community icon of Madame Moselle’s has recently gone missing. This is not a good thing at all, of course, but there are some tribute events and fundraisers for suicide prevention services happening in response to these happening and these are good things to help a community that is grieving and bewildered. So I will post these here as I come across them. Besides, the wonder that is Mandy herself — and some of the best music this little monster has ever danced to — is a happy thing to think about, wherever she may be now…

The first event to come to my attention is Hellfire, a regular fetish club night in Sydney at which Mandy often played over the years. Here is what they have to say about tomorrow’s event:

‘The events of the last week have meant that our night and poster have a slightly different focus. We will be playing a tribute night to tribal Queen Mandy Rollins, a long time Hellfire resident and friend to us who at this stage is missing, with police advising us to presume the worst.  The Hellfire Crew are devastated at the possibility of losing one of our loved and valued family members, and as such we have invited a range of …DJs who have played with her to perform. We hope to present for you a thumping night from her partner of more years than we can remember, DJ Feisty, her protege Karl Anderson, her friend and Hellfire resident DJ Sveta, her friend and contemporary Mark Murphy and the return of another ol’ Hellfire family member early in the evening, DJ Jay. Come and dance your arses off, support your community, pay tribute to Mandy Rollins for the music and so much more.

We will be fund-raising or suicide prevention, and donating a portion of your door entry too. Look after your mates. Look after yourselves, and come show Hellfire some love. This month we need to see you all more than ever.  In the show department you can expect a bit of sticky, sploshing fun from one of the prettiest burlesque babes on the Sydney circuit, Baby Blue Bergman.’

Of course, Hellfire is fun every month, and rumour has it that ZooFi (Madame Moselle’s performance collaboration) will be performing a little something there in October. Keep an eye on what Hellfire have in store for you on their website.


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