Plump Gallery

Plump Gallery is a relatvely new gallery space at 240 Enmore Rd, Enmore, and so far everything we have seen there has been freaking brilliant! This is what super-sweet and super-savvy founder Willurei Kirkbright has to say:

‘I want Plump Gallery to be a space where anything can happen and nothing is censored. A place for unheard and unconventional Artist to have a voice. I want to exhibit work that is thought provoking, interesting and important. I want to challenge the preconceptions and conventions of what a Gallery can be. To provide a stage for all those words, images and thoughts that are on the tip of the untapped tongue. A common ground where people can share ideas and make connections with like minded people or even better ones who are not like minded at all.
Being an Aboriginal woman and an Indigenous Urban Artists I am all so challenging the very limited general view of what Aboriginal Art can be.There will be a constant thread of contemporary Indigenous Art thru out the Gallery calender and Galleries consciousness.
Plump is also going to hold one off events and regular nights. These will include Spoken word nights, Music events, possibly Clubs as well as small often solo Performance Art viewings and Creative workshops. I sincerely hope that these will include somehow working with and helping disadvantaged minorities such as Koori youth, migrants, cancer survivors and people living with Autisism.

I am open to any ideas for a event, group or exhibition. I want people to feel like Plump is a place where they can come hang out and come say hello anytime. I could talk about Art till I’m purple in the face so please feel free to come chew my ear off about anything interesting.

I can promise you as I have promised my self that Plump will never be an institution. I am an Artist before I am a business owner. These are humble beginnings but I think Plump is going to grow to be a place as significant as it is exciting. So if your intellect and creative attention is ripe for the plucking then please join me as I set sail on this wild adventure. It’s going to be beautiful.’

Opening hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10am-6pm and Saturday from 11:30am-7pm, and you can see what is up and coming on the Plump Gallery Facebook page.


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