Column 8

One of Madame Moselle’s guiltiest, if not very secret passions, is religiously reading Column 8 in the Sydney Morning Herald. This magical column is a collection of nonsense and frippery sent in by the readers,  questions and answers and general waffling about everything from the first sighting of jasmine for the year to the whereabouts of the old sign from Sharpe’s golf shop near Central Station. Some tangents last for years, and there is much merry word-play and whimsy to keep a smile on MM’s face most days. Be warned, however, that if you are not a fan of the ‘Dad joke’ you might get a bit queasy at times. Here are some stunning examples from the last couple of weeks:

Dennis White, of Cromer, writes: ”My favourite sign is on the shared bike/walking track around Narrabeen Lake: ‘Cyclists should slow and sound bell when passing pedestrians from the rear’. If I was passing a pedestrian (even a little one) I think I’d scream, not just ring a bell.”’


Peter Fyfe, of Erskineville, is a veritable font of authors for courses. He tells us: ”Darryl Kerrigan, from the film The Castle, has written a book on working as a Freudian psychologist, called Tell ’em They’re Dreamin’. There is no truth to the rumour that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a guide to identifying citrus trees, called A Lemon Tree, My Dear Watson. And best not to mention Dean Martin’s cook book That’s a Mornay.”’

Heehee! Nerd jokes! Hideous puns!It’s utterly magnificent in it’s godawfulness!

NB It’s most definitely a Sydney thing too, and like Vegemite is probably one of those things you need to have grown up on to fully appreciate.


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