The F Collective

The Monster and I had a jolly old time at the F Conference earlier this year, and seems the collective is up and at it again (with a twist, the collective is now NOT autonomous… ALL feminists and pro-feminists of ALL genders and sexualities are invited to join)! Here’s what they have to say for themselves, and details of their upcoming meeting/s:

‘The F Collective …is a multi-generational and diverse group of feminist activists who work together to bring about change in our society. We appreciate the past gains of feminism and believe more change is necessary. We think globally and act in our communities to make a society where gender fairness is valued, shared and rewarded. As organisers of “F: a Festival, a Conference, a Future”, the feminist conference that you all came to in Sydney in April this year, we sought to enliven and ignite the Sydney feminist movement. After a brief post-conference hiatus, we have re-formed and are now on the lookout for those who will join and collaborate with us. We seek to inspire and to be inspired, so for those who share our vision, believe in the need for social change and most of all believe that it is possible, we invite you all to join us! We are opening our doors to ALL, and we would like to involve YOU and your FRIENDS. This collective is now NOT autonomous… ALL feminists and pro-feminists of ALL genders and sexualities are invited to join The F Collective. At the moment, there are two aspects to our organising structure: Firstly, The F Collective has been asked to organise the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day Rally that will take place in March 2011. We have been given free reign over the creative process, including all decisions on theme, location, speakers, performers etc. We believe that the 100th anniversary is cause for celebration, but also a great opportunity to use International Women’s Day as a platform for feminist campaigning and activism. Do you have an interest in being part of this process? Do you have a particular feminist issue that you think International Women’s Day should campaign on? All your creative ideas welcome! JOIN The F Collective! The second component of The F Collective is a continuation and expansion of our broad feminist activism. We are looking at creating a website, to be an online hub for feminist activism; a means of connecting with other feminists in Australia. We would love you to be involved in The F Collective! Bring your best ideas and your best friends! The F Collective meets fortnightly (Mondays) at Amnesty International, 79 Myrtle Street, Chippendale.

Our next meeting is Monday 11th October at 6pm. And if you can’t make it then, the following meeting will be Monday 25th October at 6pm.

And so on… So if you want to be part of a passionate feminist collective and to organise and act with others who want to put feminism back on the agenda, then join The F Collective. See you there!



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