Mint Green Mommies

My mate Holly is a true delight:  a most astonishing and talented writer, a shit-hot gluten-free cook, and the provider of plenty of giggles and cuddles and adventures. She is also a stunning scholar, working on a dissertation about Mommy play (same sex women and trans* identifying). She has just started a blog about this topic, MissMintiesBlog:

‘Hi, my name is Holly and I am in my second year of my PhD at UNSW, Sydney, Australia.  I’m researching gendered notions of the maternal, in particular looking at same sex women and trans-identifying Mommy play.  I am part of the queer kink scene in Sydney, but do not identify myself as a Mommy play participant, therefore I am keen to create a space where the active Mommy community can interact with my research, hear what I’m doing and thinking, critique my ideas, and provide feedback where necessary.  I believe in a feminist framework of research, which means that I welcome any input into my work, and hope to engage with the community in a way that encourages and facilitates information-sharing.

This blog is a place where I plan to post my musings, questions, and findings, and where I eagerly welcome comments and ideas from the kink community at large, and especially any Mommies and Mommy-adorers out there.  Please feel free to email me directly at for more information on my project, or to be referred to my supervisor if you have any concerns with my work.’

Spread the word! We need all the quirky kinky queer research and scholarship we can get!


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One Response to Mint Green Mommies

  1. Holly says:

    Thanks for the gorgeous write-up, darling! Yes, I have started a blog on Mummy play and would love it if all fellow kinksters, whether Mummy-players or not, could have a look and put in their two cents worth. I am particularly interested in the general community’s attitudes towards Mummies. Any questions, feel free to email me:

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