The Screenprinted City: A Show by Chris Lego

We love Chris. Shooting the shit at the Courthouse, having a few bevvies at the Treehouse, sitting around at the markets, trashing about at some of the most amazing parties… And now, holding an exhibition of his screenprinting work from the last 8 years. YOU NEED TO BE THERE:

A collection of screenprinted art and propaganda from the last 8 years of printing by Chris Lego.
Stickers, zines, t-shirts, patches, cushions, party decor, wall hangings, 12 and 7 inch records, badges, framed works, sculptures, underground media lucky dip showbags and flags will be filling Oh Really from 7pm on Thursday the 9th of December. The show will be running for 4 days only and items start at $2. Everything is for sale from 7pm.
Chris has been a freelance troublemaker and printer for ten years and has decorated events such as Kooky, Bad Dog, Trash & Treasure, High And Dry Festival, Jollywood, and numerous free parties and community events..
He published 20 editions of ‘Coughing Up Legomen’ zine in the space of 13 years and a limited edition full colour ‘best of’ edition will be for sale on the evening.
He has printed for everyone from DSS Soundsystem, Reclaim The Lanes, Reclaim The Streets to Bad Dog parties and has been involved in organising or decorating renegade events for what seems like aaaggggeeeessss.
09 December at 19:00 – 12 December at 22:00

Oh Really Gallery, Enmore Road


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