Post-PhD Projects

The list is ever-growing, but here’s just a few of my plans/dreams/hopes:

* Make a lagerphone (or two) out of all the bottletops I have collected for this purpose * Learn Butoh * Make a tyre swan * Grow more vegies * Learn to sew, and make much more extravagent costumes * Train up and do some large-scale hikes, here and abroad * Write up all those journal articles from fragments of unused thesis/research * Learn to make things from glass (Hi Brooke!) * Do a residency at SymbioticA * Get myself overseas for body art workshops, gallery crawls, and other assorted adventures

And, umm, other stuff…


About Madame Moselle

Freelance provocateur. Enthusiastic optimist. Dancing bear. Believer. Facilitator of perversion. Disseminator. Libertine. Moth and flame. Rouser of rabble. Stirrer of pots. Bowerbird. Public spectacle.
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