Camp Betty — Program Highlights/DEADLINE

From the Camp Betty website:

‘Program highlights

We’re still working on putting the full Program together (and still waiting for any last-minute submissions!), but for those of you wanting to know what we have in store for you, here are some highlights for the weekend:

  • Opening night (Friday 10 June): Welcome, soup dinner and Betty teasers (five-minute speaker or performance slots) from a variety of people you’ll hear from later in the weekend during panels/workshops, with DJs and a chance to mingle with Betty crew and other festival goers.

Major panel sessions on:

  • Policing and experiences with the police/justice system
  • Queer sexuality, rad action & electoral politics
  • Inclusion & exclusion in queer spaces
  • Beyond consent? Pleasure, danger and sex
  • Sex work & activism

Special events:

  • POC The Mic: People of Colour hip-hop & spoken word event
  • Hear Me Raw: Trans, Intersex & Cis Women speak
  • Mad Hatters’ Tea Party
  • Diversity of Femme panel & afternoon tea
  • Betty: Blue party with sleaze ‘n squeeze; and Betty’s band night – details TBA soon!

Workshop and skillshare program is yet to be announced but promises to be full of really interesting, provoking and fun stuff – stay tuned for more info on this later in May.

Monday 13 June (Queen’s Birthday public holiday) we’ll be having a picnic in the park with a Kids’ Party and DIY & Zine Fair – joined later by the Sydney Slut Walk hordes! The festival closes Monday night.’

Also, please note that IF YOU WANT TO BE SURE TO BE INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM WE NEED YOUR WORKSHOP IDEAS ETC BY THE 15TH OF MAY (that is, just shy of two weeks away). Fill out the form on the website PRONTO to make sure of a space!

And whilst I am on the subject — a BIG BIG BIG thankyou to everyone who made the Royal Riot fundraiser (on Saturday) such a huge success. We made enough to get the festival running, which is a BIG relief!


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