Honeybuzzard’s Room

‘The room was a crystallization of the personality Honeybuzzard presented to the world. One wall was entirely covered with elaborately detailed sepia and white engravings of corset, bustle and hair restorer advertisement lovingly cut from antique magazines. There was a drawing over the fireplace of a woman, a child and a dog in an obscene parody of the Nativity. There was a bust of Queen Victoria wearing one of Honey’s ubiquitous false noses. There was a skull from a recently excavated plague pit, which Honey had obtained from a man in the Works Department of the City Council with the aid of a present of some Indian hemp. There was a collection of matchboxes that the Gloucester firm called ‘England’s Glory’ issue. On the front of these matchboxes is a vaguely patriotic scene of a ship executed in bold red, white and blue; on the back are printed jokes of the ‘Who was that lady I saw you out with last night?’ ‘She might have been out but I was stone cold sober’ type. Honey loved these jokes and would tell them over and over like beads, for hours, laughing.’

–Angela Carter, Shadow Dance (100-101)


About Madame Moselle

Freelance provocateur. Enthusiastic optimist. Dancing bear. Believer. Facilitator of perversion. Disseminator. Libertine. Moth and flame. Rouser of rabble. Stirrer of pots. Bowerbird. Public spectacle.
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