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Anyone for a tree-change?

This range of treehouses by BlueForest is perfectly whimsical… Advertisements

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Sir Loins, yet another alter ego of Madame’s, shall be saddling up his buzz buzz for this Thursday’s slippery, slimy, spooky shenanigans… ‘Faaarrrkk! Buzz is turning one this Thursday and we’re pretty damn stoked! They said it couldn’t be done … Continue reading

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Insight Out Exhibition

This is always a fun evening… ‘INSIGHT OUT is an annual exhibition of artworks by young people of diverse genders, sexes, and sexualities (GLBTIQ). Some of the Art dispalyed is created in a series of photography and art workshops held … Continue reading

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Lack Attack

This afternoon brought a sudden unease and a feeling that I was somehow defined more by lack than excess: lack of PhD (soon, yes?), lack of money, lack of health/energy (often), lack of scholarly aptitude, lack of ambition, lack of … Continue reading

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‘..the word psychology when it is applied to art makes me want to reach for my revolver.’ –John Banville, ‘Making little monsters walk’ (p. 107)

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The spindle, the hole, the groove

‘I found romance in the spindle, the hole, the groove, the Capitol Records tower, the word “Decca” and its suggestion of “Mecca,” the deep red of Red Seal labels, the flimsiness of Dynagroove, the drama of records stacked at a … Continue reading

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Ditch the drama, pass the lasagne

This Garfield image came through on a friend’s Facebook feed today, just at the right time.

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