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The Chromatic Typewriter

Apologies for the appalling lack of posts — things have been hectic! But when I came across THIS item on Flavorwire, I just had to share it… ‘Washington-based artist Tyree Callahan has created a rather fascinating objet d’art the likes of which we’ve never … Continue reading

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Post-PhD Pursuits

Was speaking to the lovely Lilo the other day and telling them how I had a journal stashed somewhere in which I was starting to write ideas for things I wanted to work on post-PhD, and a box of articles … Continue reading

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Hajara Waraka Miqass

Went to see this today, at Plump Gallery (240 Enmore Rd, Enmore) and spent a lovely hour or so drinking mint tea and chatting with Nicole and some other visitors. Get there between 3 and 4pm if you can: Nicole … Continue reading

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If you always do what you’ve always done…

You’ll always get what you’ve always got. Ah, another day of demoralising job hunting. More rejection emails — not even getting to interview. Times are tough, work is scarce, competition is fierce, blah blah blah. But I feel its more … Continue reading

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Black Capital

Carriageworks is home to Black Capital: ‘ Redfern is a place of many stories, of inspirational leaders, fiery rhetoric and activism. It is an urban meeting place for Aboriginal Australians from all over the country. Sometimes besieged, always resilient, at … Continue reading

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Sequinned Menace Premiere! 10th Dec at the Rattler

And so the silly season continues…

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World AIDS (aka Red Ribbon) Day…

Is coming up! Volunteer now to sell Red Ribbons on either the 1st or 2nd December, at venues around Sydney.

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