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Post-PhD Pursuits

Was speaking to the lovely Lilo the other day and telling them how I had a journal stashed somewhere in which I was starting to write ideas for things I wanted to work on post-PhD, and a box of articles … Continue reading

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Remedies for an unsettled Madame Moselle…

Reading fiction.  Eating tinned spaghetti on toast. Snuggling up to hot water bottles. Wearing sequins. Bloodletting (within reason). Performing acts of beauty. Doing laundry. Swooshing about in long velvet skirts. Sniffing boot polish. Thinking about bees. Imagining/planning/getting tattoos. Quality Monster … Continue reading

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Zoo Says Something about the value of queer performance spaces…

This is the draft from my piece on the ‘Diversity Panel’ at Women Say Something last month. Thought it might be of interest to anyone who missed it, or can’t remember it: Zoo, you have a long history of making … Continue reading

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St Nick on a scorching Perth day

10/01/11 I’m sitting writing about Finnegan’s Wake and breastmilk, watching two giant Labradors wrestle in the backyard of my sister-outlaw’s place in the Hills. It’s cool inside but I can feel the heat rising on the other side of the … Continue reading

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Pierced Through The Heart

I was supposed to get my nipples pierced today, but have to wait until Friday now. I have had them done before, years ago, but took them out (don’t ask) and now it just feels like time again — I’m … Continue reading

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‘I am disabled — and you’re jealous?’

In the latest edition of Scavenger, Ciare Xyerra discusses what it is like to live with a disability — and to have people with no bloody clue make really hurtful comments about how grateful they should be for getting assistance … Continue reading

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The Smells of Summers Past

Frangipani. WD40 (always something rusty). Fibreglass (smell of surfboards being mended). Surfboard wax melting in the glovebox of a Kombi. The vinyl seats of a 70s Kombi baking in the sun. Wet swimming cossies and damp towels. Bait boxes at … Continue reading

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