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Nothing Like Performance featuring Yiorgos Zafirou

Nothing Like Performance Matthew Bradley, Lauren Brincat, Brown Council, Paul Donald, Will French, Yiorgos Zafiriou

25 November – 22 December 2011

ArtSpace, 43 – 51 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo
The practice of Yiorgos Zafiriou is driven by performance, but here he occupies the space of the gallery very differently, through marble monochrome paintings that themselves perform as stand-ins, placeholders almost, for original Gothic and Renaissance works in the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin. The artist’s use of marble, which is subversively presented as painting, serves as a key reference to Zafiriou’s Greek heritage, weaving together the complexities of Eurocentric ideas of Hellenism and the contemporary mechanics of the Greek diaspora in Australia.

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Coming out, coming home or inviting people in?

Apologies for all the copy-paste entreis, but there is a lot going on out there! Like this:

‘The Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health is pleased to announce the release of a new report about supporting same-sex attracted women from immigrant and refugee communities. Coming out, coming home, or inviting people in? is available for download from http://www.mcwh.com.au/healthprom/sexuality.php’
Coming out, coming home or inviting people in? outlines findings from the Understanding Sexuality Project, a small initiative that aimed to improve the capacity of bicultural and bilingual community workers to support same-sex attracted women from immigrant and refugee communities.’

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Social Saturdays at GLCS

‘Social Saturdays – our new social group – launching Saturday 19 November 4.30pm-6.30pm!

Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested in this, and if anyone has any board games or packs of cards they’d like to donate to the cause, please let me know!
Come to the launch of ‘Social Saturdays’, a monthly social group and meeting place for LGBTIQ people – all genders, all backgrounds, all ages over 18 welcome.
Each group is centred on an activity (different every month) – the first group on 19/11/11 will be a Games Circuit – a fun round robin tournament of classic board games, with snacks, soft drink and plenty of laughter.

Arrive before 5pm for entry. Our facilitators will show you around and keep everything running smoothly on the day.
Gold coin donation very welcome (if you can spare it), to help cover the cost of running the group.
Please note this is a drug -and alcohol-free space. There is also an unavoidable flight of stairs and no lift, apologies to those with mobility issues.

Future group activities:
SATURDAY 19 NOVEMBER 2011: Let the Games Begin!
A circuit of quick, fun and easy board games.

SATURDAY 17 DECEMBER 2011: Christmas cheer! Card and decoration making tables, some simple Xmas cooking, party games and snacks. Bring a plate/packet of your favourite holiday snacks to share if you can.

SATURDAY 21 JANUARY 2012: GLCS At The Movies. Short films with a LGBTIQ focus, comfy couches, introductions and reviews from our resident movie critics. Popcorn for all!

SATURDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2012: Mardi Gras preparations. Sign and banner painting for our 2012 Mardi Gras Parade float, costume tips, sharing Mardi Gras stories, a Very Gay soundtrack and a chance to meet others who will be marching with us. People who don’t want to march are also welcome to participate in this workshop.

SATURDAY 17 March 2012: Cards tournament. A quieter group to wind down after the busy Mardi Gras period is over – a round robin tournament with various card games on offer – a mix of fun and simple games (eg Snap, Fish, UNO) plus more complex games for the card buffs.

Email social@glcsnsw.org.au for more info, to register your interest or to be added to our mailing list for group updates’

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‘Lesbian and Gay Teachers Speak’ — Volunteers wanted

Lesbian and Gay Teachers Speak: A study of the effects of schooling and institutional cultures on sexual subjectivities in metropolitan Sydney

Volunteers Wanted

Dr Tania Ferfolja and Ms Lucy Hopkins are researching lesbian and gay-identified teachers’ perceptions of their work in relation to their sexuality to provide a picture of the current climate in schools for these participants. The research aims to:

  • report on lesbian and gay teachers’ perceptions of institutional culture, particularly in light of Commonwealth changes to legislation and growing visibility of lesbian/gay issues and identities in the public arena;
  • understand participants’ experiences of teaching in relation to their sexuality particularly regarding issues such as in/visibility, silenc/ing, inclusion/exclusion, and discrimination;
  • explore the experiences, management and negotiations participants may or may not have undertaken in relation to their sexual identities;
  • construct a repertoire of strategies and approaches that may lead to an open and equitable position for lesbian and gay individuals, families, and communities in education, and
  • examine the DET/CEO position on these issues in schools in terms of policies, programs, resource production, professional development and curricula, and the extent to which these have been affected by social and legislative changes.

As part of the research, we are conducting in-depth interviews (30-45 minutes) and focus group discussions (1 hour) with lesbian and gay male educators.

If you self-identify as lesbian or gay, have taught in metropolitan Sydney, are primary or secondary trained, and are interested in participating, please contact Dr Tania Ferfolja on (02) 9772 6437 (b/h) or ta.ferfolja@uws.edu.au for more information.

This research has been approved by the University of Western Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee No 8877.

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Anyone for a tree-change?

This range of treehouses by BlueForest is perfectly whimsical…

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Sir Loins, yet another alter ego of Madame’s, shall be saddling up his buzz buzz for this Thursday’s slippery, slimy, spooky shenanigans…

‘Faaarrrkk! Buzz is turning one this Thursday and we’re pretty damn stoked! They said it couldn’t be done but with a little help from our friends, we did! A birthday party is in order we reckon, so we’ve rounded up a couple of our more notorious guest DJ mates, Brian W-c (the proud recipient of our first ever complaint!) and Sir Loins (aka Zoo  – first to play Diamanda Galas! ) to come and arm wrestle with Ben over the decks. A battle of the wits if you will. Or at least half of ’em. Meanwhile Rich is lubing up his clippers – there’s hot times ahoy in the barber’s chair, come and get top ‘n’ tailed for summer! We also have one or two surprises in store, it’ll be worth sticking around and checking out the action through your 3D beer goggles. And since we’re nearing Halloween the music will be sicker than normal, you’ll be left feeling just a tad violated and/or disgusted – that’s our Buzz promise!’

At the Oxford Hotel from 8pm, THIS THURSDAY 27th October.

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